The Midimuso CV-12 ORAC available built or as a kit.

PCB assembled

MIDI to CV converter using the Moog Volts / Octave CV scheme.
This board can produce
1V / octave or 1.2V / octave or 0.5V / octave just by setting the trimmer.

The IC which makes it all happen….

How does it work?
The CV-12 IC translates MIDI into gates and control voltages.
MIDI is fed in at pin #2 and the IC produces 18 separate voltage outputs which can be used in new designs or retro-fitted to a synthesiser.

The outputs include:
Note Gates
(max 11)
Aftertouch (channel pressure)
Auxiliary Gates (max 11)
Midi Clock (CT)

Download the manual for the CV 12 IC

Download the manual for the CV-12 PCB  kit




Completed PCB for the CV-12

Socket boards are now available for this board allowing easy connection of 3.5mm jacks (compatible with the Octex too) – see the shop page They are NOT included in the full kit and must be purchased separately. We recommend you buy at least two socket kits to cover pitches (port B) and gates (port D).


Our online tool for easy CV-12 mode changes.

Tested working in Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
Should work in Opera, Android Webview and Samsung Internet browsers.
Please make sure no other MIDI software is running (DAWs such as Ableton, Cubase etc.) as this app won't be able to see the available MIDI interfaces if they are already in use.

Or you can directly download the .mid files for easy program changes:

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