The Midimuso MDCO-3 is a is a MIDI-controlled, pre-programmed microcontroller IC which has 2 oscillators and Volts / Hz outputs.






How does it work?
MIDI is fed in at pin #2 and is brought out for you to use in new designs or to retro-fit a synthesiser using the Volts / Hertz system.


Volts / Hz high-resolution control voltage outputs.

Two independent square-wave oscillators per chip.

Two separate trigger outputs for envelope generators / gates.

Volts / Hz high resolution control voltage outputs using “8 + 8” fast PWM which can be used to provide the correct charging voltage for an integrator circuit to produce sawtooth or triangle waves or used to retro-fit systems which use the Volts / Hz pitch system.

Pitch range of 8 octaves (MIDI keys C0 to C8) i.e. 32.5 Hz to 8.4 kHz

Pitch accuracy of 0.0006% of one semitone at Middle C

Pitch Bend (range can be set by user)

Guaranteed pitch stability (quartz controlled)

Pulse-Width control and Detune on every oscillator

Polyphonic, Unison and Monophonic modes

Chainable: More MDCO-3s can be linked to produce more polyphony
(up to 12 mono voices, unlimited Poly / Unison voices *)

Velocity and MIDI-Volume outputs available in Unison mode
(Mode 1)

9 auxilliary triggers per chip for general use
(drum machines etc.).
These can be chained so that 2 chips give 18 triggers
to a max of 4 chips giving 36 triggers.

MIDI Clock out in all modes

Built-in Test Mode to allow you to accurately calibrate conversion-precision using just an audio amplifier.

PANIC MODE! Sending Program Change 9 resets main parameters

* Delay from chip to chip is less than 1 millisecond.

Here’s the manual:

Connecting musicians and machines