CV-12 Octex
CV-12 Octex

Fully assembled, calibrated, exhaustively tested  and ready to go.
All the features of the CV-12

4 note polyphonic pitch, gate and velocity outputs
8 on-board, patchable output sockets
Up to 6 note pitch / gate outputs  (needs extra sockets purchased separately – see the shop page)

Here’s a video of it in action

Octex in 4 note poly mode
Octex patched for 4 note poly mode
Monophonic / polyphonic modes (up to 6 note poly per board)
Velocity ouputs in 4-note poly modes

8 on-board, routable output sockets

11 modes which offer a balance of pitch / velocity voltages / control voltages / gates
Allows 1V / 0.5V / 1.2 V per octave conventions

Chainable: boards can be connected together to produce more outputs

On arrival, the sockets are jumpered and output the gates and CVs labelled on the board.
You can re-assign what a socket does by removing the jumper and attaching a dupont cable from the port pin (ports B, C and D) to the socket pin nearest to the socket.

Octex LEDs
Octex LEDs show where signals are

Visual feedback from the onboard LEDs allows quick, easy routing.


Power supply voltage: 12 volts DC. (max 18V), +ve centre pin (2.1mm)
Power supply current: 500 mA minimum (per board when chaining)
Pitch resolution ~ 0.03 semitone
Analogue outputs: 0 – 10 Volts, Gate outputs: 0 – 5 Volts

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