CV-12 Octex Assembled


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A fully assembled, working Midimuso 12 channel
MIDI to CV converter with 8 routable, on-board 3.5mm output sockets.
Here’s a video of the board in action:
Detailed instructions included.
Converts MIDI into control voltages and gates.
Allows 1V / 0.5V / 1.2 V per octave conventions.
11 modes which offer a balance of pitch / velocity voltages / control voltages / gates.
Monophonic / polyphonic modes (up to 6 note poly per board)
Chainable: boards can be connected together to produce more outputs.

Extra 3.5mm jack socket boards for this board are available in the shop.

Includes patch leads, the manual, the schematic and a continuity diagram.

Requires a standard 12V power adaptor 2.1mm +ve centre pin.


MIDI – 5 pin DIN socket
Power – 12V DC

12 Analogue outputs,  8 patchable 3.5mm sockets
6 Gate outputs – 0 – 5V
Channel stability: 0.2% at 5 Volts i.e. 1/50 semitone.
Supply current: (unloaded) 300 mA
Power: (unloaded) 3.6 Watts
Range: 8 octaves


Please note, this kit is incompatible with pre-ORAC boards which do not support chaining.

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Dimensions 10 x 20 x 2 cm